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Introducing the Miller Heiman Group Be Ready platform, a powerful combination of years of data, expertise and research brought together to help organisations be ready to face their sales and service challenges.

Lessons from Barry. In this episode, Barry explains the importance of making your numbers consistently.

Lessons from Barry. When you can control the sales environment, you can predict results.

Lessons from Barry. What the buyer does to advance the sale during each step of the sales process is a much better indicator of where you’re at in regards to closing the deal.

Lessons from Barry. The shame of losing a deal is taking a long time to do it. The later you go in the process, the more heavily you’re invested. If you’re going to lose a deal, lose it early.

Lessons from Barry. As you move up the SRP Matrix, trust, access, knowledge of the customer’s business, referrals and repeat business rise, and you’re competing against few vendors.

Lessons from Barry. Move from a transactional relationship to an interaction relationship with your clients. The payoff is higher job security.

Lessons from Barry. When you reach the Dynamic level of the sales process, you will be seen as a partner that anticipates change.

Lessons from Barry. How you sell is more important and a more sustainable differentiator than what you sell.