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Quota attainment for salespeople has dropped globally from 63% in 2012 to 53% across all industries and regions. However, world-class companies are still managing to defy the downward trend in quota attainment. 

In our annual Sales Practice Report, we explore what differentiates top performers from the rest, giving you the competitive edge to help you sell more and service better.

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We have studied the best practices of a range of sales and service organisations to provide you with the major insights, these include:

The research arm of Miller Heiman Group, CSO Insights, is dedicated to improving organisations performance and productivity. Our research has been able to uncover key insights on the behaviour of sales and service professionals, as well as key operational metrics that separate world-class
performance from other organisations.

1. Identifying the top 12 practices of world-class organisations 

We look at the top 12 best practices that distinguish World-Class companies from their less successful competitors.

2. Understanding the buyer

3. Building a Sales System to leverage opportunity

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Hear directly from Jim Dickie, the author of the report, as he walks you through how artificial intelligence will change the future of sales at our recent US Future of Sales and Service Summit. 

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What's in the 2017 World-Class Sales Practice Report?

We look at the importance of understanding how to counteract the negative impact of buyers getting better at buying and sellers getting better at selling.

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