I’m ready for improved customer service through improved field service.

Field Services

For many of your customers, field service reps are the face of your company. Teach them the critical customer service skills that will make them confident, comfortable and the best business ambassadors possible.

Getting to the HEART of Field Service™ is specifically designed for technology-based industries that need learning flexibility. You’ll learn through a series of self-paced online modules. Then you’ll attend a one-day classroom workshop that focuses on productive customer conversations.

Modules in the Getting to the HEART of Field Service series include:

Module 1: Showing Customers You Care

You’ll learn to combine your technical knowledge with the best possible interpersonal skills. Recognise and address a customer’s non-technical needs while integrating ethics and values into your interactions.

Module 2: Making a Positive Impression

You’ll understand how to project a positive image and use simple, positive language. You also learn the power of body language.

Module 3: Establishing a Relationship

You’ll discover how to create a professional impression when greeting customers, then build a rapport with them. You’ll also learn to set customer expectations for service.

Module 4: Understanding the Issue and the Customer’s Concern

Understanding a customer’s issue and concern is the most important part of field service. This module will teach you to develop an effective questioning strategy to get to the heart of a customer’s problem by honing your listening skills and confirming you understand the situation.

Module 5: Sizing Up and Managing the Situation

Learn to classify the problem, brief the customer and handle requests that increase the scope of work.

Module 6: Ending the Call

Once you’ve addressed the problem, you can always add more value. Learn effective ways to do that. Then, learn to close the service call, document it and conduct follow-up service after the call.

Module 7: Managing Challenging Situations

Learn how to stay positive under pressure, de-escalate challenging situations and escalate the field service call itself

Are you Service Ready?

Customer service can make or break a transaction. More importantly, it can build or dissolve long-term relationships. Miller Heiman Group has trained more than a million people to be Service Ready. We’ve provided them with the skills, methodology and processes to deliver the most impactful customer service to both prospective and loyal customers. We can do the same for you.