I’m ready for improved customers service through leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching

You need customer service training that’s both holistic and companywide — from customer service reps to coaches to management. It’s the only way your training will completely transform your organisation. Our Making it Happen™ course gives your leaders, supervisors and managers the skills to coach their teams and drive continuous customer service success.

Modules in the Making it Happen series include:

Module 1: Coaching from Within

You’ll learn the definition of quality coaching and understand the impact of managing with integrity. You’ll also develop your personal coaching mission statement.

Module 2: Tools to Measure Performance

You’ll discover the tools you need to measure performance. You’ll understand productivity and quality measurements. You’ll set performance standards and objectives. And you’ll learn to evaluate your assessment forms.

Module 3: Setting Team and Individual Goals

Two of the most important aspects of coaching are setting goals and keeping your team focused. You’ll learn to create meaningful goals — for both your entire team and the individuals on your team.

Module 4: Tips and Techniques for Observing Performance

You’ll understand how to monitor your team’s performance and how to prepare for delivering feedback.

Module 5: The Art of Giving Quick Feedback

When it comes to motivating your team, daily feedback is just as impactful as longer evaluations. You’ll understand how to praise strong performance, how to give constructive feedback and how to correct poor performance.

Module 6: Conducting One-on-One Review Sessions

You’ll learn techniques for tracking and analysing performance. More importantly, you’ll learn to lead a one-on-one review session to deliver that analysis to the individuals on your team.

Module 7: Dealing with Challenging Situations

Eventually, every manager is faced with a challenging employee situation. Discover how to troubleshoot performance issues, discuss negotiable performance issues and resolve non-negotiable performance issues.

Are you Service Ready?

Customer service can make or break a transaction. More importantly, it can build or dissolve long-term relationships. Miller Heiman Group has trained more than a million people to be Service Ready. We’ve provided them with the skills, methodology and processes to deliver the most impactful customer service to both prospective and loyal customers. We can do the same for you.