I’m ready for improved customer service through improved technical support.

Technical Support

When you offer complex products, technology, software or hardware, technical support is a requirement. Undoubtedly, your reps understand your products and have the necessary technical skills. That’s only half of the solution. They need to understand your customers just as well.

Getting to the HEART of Technical Support™ trains your entire staff — from entry-level customer service reps to seasoned pros — in essential soft skills and customer aptitudes. These are the key factors in increasing key metrics like customer satisfaction. This is our core technical service course. We can deliver it in the classroom or through blended learning (with online modules and follow-up classroom sessions).

Modules in the Getting to the HEART of Technical Support series include:

Module 1: Showing Customers You Care

You’ll learn how customer service is defined for the technical support role. You’ll learn how to develop a customer-focused attitude and how to integrate ethics and values into the support environment.

Module 2: Using Language to Serve the Customer

You’ll discover the power of positive language, as well as language your customers understand. You’ll also learn how to build rapport and use transitions to move customers through the call.

Module 3: Opening the Call

Set the stage for the rest of the conversation by learning how to open a call. Then learn when it’s okay to interrupt a customer and how to transfer a call to the right person for the problem while maintaining good customer service.

Module 4: Uncovering Customer Issues

How do you determine the true need behind a customer’s questions? This fourth module teaches the essential skills to uncovering customer needs. Improve your listening skills and learn to confirm with the customer that you understand their challenge.

Module 5: Solving Customer Problems

Once you’ve identified a customer’s issue, it’s time to solve the problem. In this module, you’ll learn best practices for developing a problem statement, classifying the problem and handling requests that you can’t fulfill.

Module 6: Cooling Down Challenging Calls

One of technical support’s biggest challenges: working with upset customers. Learn to maintain poise, prevent challenges from escalating and ultimately deliver good service and solutions for unhappy customers.

Module 7: Closing the Call

Learn how to ensure your customer is satisfied, as well as how to close and document the call.

Are you Service Ready?

Customer service can make or break a transaction. More importantly, it can build or dissolve long-term relationships. Miller Heiman Group has trained more than a million people to be Service Ready. We’ve provided them with the skills, methodology and processes to deliver the most impactful customer service to both prospective and loyal customers. We can do the same for you.